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Prize Insurance covers a wide range of contests and situations. NHIO can provide prize insurance cover for huge prizes, up to £50,000,000, or as little as a few thousand pounds. Prize insurance enables businesses to offer prizes and rewards far over and above their budget. Here are just a few examples;


Chance. based mechanics including Safe Cracks, Dice Rolls & Envelope picks, proven to enhance retail marketing or fundraising activities.


Skill. based contests where finalists try attempt to win high value prizes at sports events, mostly offered by clubs or sponsors as fan incentives. We have a range of formats for Football, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Ice Hockey and more.


Predictors. Offer contestants the chance to win big by guessing the results or scores of one or more sports events. For example predict the score of seven football matches to win £1,000,000. With the World Cup just around the corner, why not to advantage of the buzz and create your own promotion?!


Direct Mail. Increase the response to direct marketing campaigns by offering prizes as an incentive for a response.


Over Redemption. Protect the risk associated with a sale promotion campaign offering a high volume of rewards, coupons or prizes.


Scratch Cards. High Security Probability Scratch Cards that enable you to off high value prizes as part of a Sales Promotion. Also available for Lottery and Gaming clients.


Lottery Insurance. Jackpot Insurance for Lottery Operators wishing to offer high value prizes as part of their free or commercial lottery.


 Jackpot Insurance for Lottery Operators wishing to offer high value prizes as part of their free or commercial lottery.


Conditional Rebate. Link refunds for a sales promotion to sporting or other event. For example, buy a new car and if XYZ team with the championship receive your money back. Weather Promotions use triggers in the same was; Money Back if it Snows on Christmas day.


Hole In One Insurance. It’s where we started and what NHIO is globally known for. Offer an exciting high value prize at your next amateur or professional golf tournament.


Prize Insurance can also be used as a means of attracting the public along to your sale, promotional event, or exhibition stand. In this instance, you offer everyone who turns up the chance to win a fabulous prize which is insured. Here are some examples;


Roll-a-Dice Insurance
Contestants roll six or seven dice and if they all come up six they win the Insured Prize.

Safe Cracker Insurance
Contestants try to open a Perspex Safe by entering numbers into a digital key pad. If they guess the right combination, the door will open and they will win the Insured Prize.


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A wide range of prize insurance solutions for a wide range of promotions and contests. Safe Cracks, Dice Rolls, ‘Kick, Throw, Hit for a million’, Lottery Jackpots, Direct Mail Incentives, On Pack Promotions, Over Redemption and more! Call us today to discuss your ideas and we can tailor a promotion to suit your market..

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You spend a great deal of time, effort, and money on your company, charity or special club event so why not give the day even more sizzle with a fabulous hole in one prize? Multiple Winner coverage, Free Bonus Prizes and Tee Box Signs all included as standard…

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A range of covers to protect your next event. Includes Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance for adverse weather & unforeseen circumstances, including Non Appearance of Key Persons, Property Insurance for damage to Event Equipment plus Public & Employers Liability.

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As a Coverholder at Lloyd's our policies provide first class security and your peace of mind.
We are also licensed in over 50 countries world wide and can also provide reinsurance solutions.




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If you have any questions concerning our hole in one insurance, our golf tournament insurance, or any of our golf promotions, please feel free to contact us. Our hole in one insurance policies have been designed to let you relax, before, during, and after your event, with the knowledge that the cost of your hole-in-one prize is covered.


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