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Hole-In-One Insurance Covers Your Hole In One Prize

A hole-in-one insurance package from NHIO gives you more than just insurance, we give you a complete coverage package along with bonus prizes and great golf signs. Our hole in one insurance customer service representatives can help assist you with your own hole-in-one putting contest. Our hole in one insurance packages come with the industry’s best golf signs, a fabulous choice of bonus prize packages, and the underwriting that pays for each and every hole in one made during the tournament. Ladies can play from their regular ladies tees even on the target hole. No matter the size or occasion, we enjoy helping our clients to have successful events for everyone involved.


Golf Tournament Insurance

Our golf tournament insurance policies have covered many different events that have all gone smoothly. Thousands of golfers have received their hole in one prizes thanks to the National Hole In One. Wouldn’t it be nice knowing that you will have great golf signs, bonus prizes, and an internationally backed insurance policy at your next hole in one contest?


Million Dollar Shots Golf Tournaments

One of most requested hole in one contests is our million dollar shootouts. In the million dollar contest if someone gets a hole in one on the covered hole they will receive a check for one million dollars as their hole in one prize. We have done many million dollar shots golf tournament insurance policies. These golf tournaments are always a major draw for huge crowds.



As a Coverholder at Lloyd's our policies provide first class security and your peace of mind.
We are also licensed in over 50 countries world wide and can also provide reinsurance solutions.




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If you have any questions concerning our hole in one insurance, our golf tournament insurance, or any of our golf promotions, please feel free to contact us. Our hole in one insurance policies have been designed to let you relax, before, during, and after your event, with the knowledge that the cost of your hole-in-one prize is covered.


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