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You spend a great deal of time, effort, and money on your company, charity or special club event so why not give the day even more sizzle with a fabulous hole in one prize?

A car, a boat, a holiday, a new house ……… whatever you like to inspire your golfers.

And, just imagine if someone actually wins! What a day to remember that would be! But because you have insured the prize, all it has cost you is the modest hole in one insurance premium! That's how Prize Indemnity insurance works.

How Hole-in-One Prize Insurance Spices Up Your Golf Day

Hole-in-One Prize Insurance puts your golfers just one shot away from a fabulous prize. It doesn’t matter whether a golfer plays off scratch or is a 28 handicapper; one lucky shot is all that is needed. This also means that interest in your tournament is kept alive. Even a golfer who has a terrible overall score can still win a major prize when he or she reaches the selected hole. And remember, because all you pay is the insurance premium, Hole-in-One Prize Insurance enables you to offer amazing prizes that you never thought you could afford within your tournament budget.

Buy 1 get 3 free!

Insure one hole-in-one prize through National Hole-in-One and we’ll sponsor bonus hole-in-one prizes on up to three other par three holes at your UK golf tournament. This gives your golfers four times as many chances of winning a hole-in-one prize, but you pay only once.

Less than 135 Pro Shop Vouchers £250
135 to 164 Short Golfing Break £500
165 to 179 Callaway Irons £750
180 plus Golfing Holiday £1,500

Eligible contestants only. Hole must be at least 50 yards. Holes with temporary tees or greens are excluded. All prizes are normally settled by cheque for the value shown. Winners may however request that their prize is paid by way of vouchers and/or a donation to a charity of their choice. Bonus prizes are only applicable to UK golf tournaments.

Get free signboards too!

Insure your UK golf tournament through National Hole-in-One and we will supply free signboards for each prize hole. The sign in respect of your main prize will include your company or sponsor’s name as well as details of the prize. This package also includes stakes, and when your prize is a car, a windscreen sign too. All delivered by courier to your UK address or direct to the golf club.

Premiums start from just a few £££ per golfer!

Your premium will depend on the number of golfers, the length of the main prize hole and the value of the main prize. However, with 100 amateur golfers, a 165 yard hole and £10,000 car as a prize, the cost is £255. Just £2.55 per golfer!

Special Notes for Charity Golf Day Organisers

Event Cancellation Insurance: Just In Case

The offer of a fabulous Hole-in-One prize can help you with ticket sales. What’s more, because local businesses (particularly car dealers) like to be associated with charity events you may well be able to find a company willing to pay the Hole-in-One Insurance premium for you by way of sponsorship. In this regard, the free tee board signs offered by National Hole-in-One can be a great help. Should a car dealer wish to sponsor your event, their company name can go onto the signboard. And of course, if the car is won, National Hole-in-One will buy it from the prize sponsor.

In the event of rain which causes your event to be cancelled, National Hole-in-One will refund your Hole-in-One Prize Insurance premium or allow you to carry it forward to a rescheduled date. However, if you have to refund entry money, your charity could end up losing money on the day. For this reason you may wish to consider Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance.

Further details of Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance can be found by clicking on the Event Cancellation & Abandonment tab. This type of insurance can be used to cover not just your costs and expenses but also the profit your charity would have made had the golf day not been cancelled or abandoned.

Special Notes for Corporate Golf Day Organisers

Bad weather can ruin your corporate golf day. Either the event has to be cancelled or abandoned or your golfers get drenched and do not enjoy the day. You can however protect your investment in your golf day but arranging Event Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance and/or Rainfall Insurance.

Under Event Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance you can recover the cost of your golf day if it has to be cancelled or abandoned. Whilst, under Rainfall Insurance, you can insure for an agreed sum (up to the cost of your golf day) should a stipulated amount of rain fall during the hours of your tournament.

Further details Cancellation & Abandonment Insurance and Rainfall Insurance can be found by clicking the Event Cancellation and Abandonment Insurance and Weather Insurance tabs.

Using Hole-in-One Prize Insurance For a Business Promotion

If you are thinking about running a special prize competition to promote your business, Hole-in-One Insurance can be a very useful tool. For example, you could run a competition where the winner’s prize is determined by a famous golfer’s best score on a par three hole at a Major Golf Tournament.

If the golfer’s best score is a par or a birdie then your competition winner collects an uninsured prize which you supply. However if the selected golfer scores a Hole-in-One then you can award an amazing high value prize the cost of which is covered by your Hole-in-One insurance policy.

Not only is a top Tour Professional effectively taking shots for your competition winner but if you choose the right tournament, your winner can follow the golf on live television! Just remember to include an appropriate disclaimer in your contest rules / promotional material to the effect that the famous golfer is not endorsing your products / services etc.

Other marketing ideas can be found by clicking the Business Promotion Insurance tab.

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